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The solution to welding Medintone

If you have tried heat welding new sheet flooring material like Medintone and had trouble caused by the excess carbon residue – you’re not alone. Turbo has been flooded with requests on how to heat weld Medintone from installers out on the field since the issue came up. After extensive testing, we found that techniques and tricks […]

INSTALL Midwest Training Seminar

This past week Turbo Heat Welding Tools gave an INSTALL ‘Train The Trainers’ seminar at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas, NV. The building itself was worth the trip to tour but the guys at the location were worth the stay. Everyone was incredibly nice and hospitable. We want to thank them for […]

Master Turbo Groover

Welding Vinyl vs. Linoleum Sheet Flooring

You’re about to start welding your sheet flooring material and you suddenly realize that there might be a difference between welding vinyl and linoleum flooring. Fortunately, this article will help you weld both materials effectively. To simplify this article let’s start by grouping the materials into the two most common materials you will weld. Any […]