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Precision NozzlePrecision Nozzle

Turbo Precision Nozzle 6mm


Product Description

The Turbo Precision Nozzle is specially designed to weld heat sensitive material without ever having to worry about burning/scorching the material.

The new Turbo precision nozzle was designed to be used with flooring materials that have a Urethane finish (heat sensitive.) The Precision nozzle has 13 pre-heating jets that deliver the hot air with precision into the groove thus eliminating¬†unnecessary burning/scorching on top of the material. The 6mm nozzle is a designed for the Oscada 1/4″ round welding rod.

Want to see the Precision Nozzle in action? Click here for an HD Video.

The Turbo Precision Nozzle must be used with the Turbo Roller Guide of the Turbo Caddy.


USA Patent #7,571,753

Taiwan Patent #309989

China Patent #ZL20071000 1879.1

European Patent #1935617

Additional Information

Weight 9.2 oz
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 2 in
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