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Features in FCI Magazine:

FCI Magazine
FCI Magazine #1 – “We Know Heat Welding”
FCI Magazine #2 – “TURBO’s Super TURBO Nozzle packed with pre-heating jets”
FCI Magazine #3 – “Master Turbo Groover”
FCI Magazine #4 – “Making The Heat Welding Process Easy”
FCI Magazine #5 – “Introducing The Marmo Groover Set”
FCI Magazine #6 – “Doing Heat Welding Has Never Been Easier”
FCI Magazine #7 – “Master Turbo Kit Offers Lifetime Warranty”
FCI Magazine #8 – “Heat-sensitive flooring”
FCI Magazine #9 – “Turbo Plane welds rod in one pass”
FCI Magazine #10 – “Choosing The Right Tool in Heat Welding”
FCI Magazine #11 – “Heat Welding Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring”
FCI Magazine #12 – “Heat Welding Linoleum Floors”
FCI Magazine #13 – “Turbo Precision Nozzle Eliminates Scorching of Urethane Finishes”
FCI Magazine #14 – “Heat Welding Heat Sensitive Flooring”
FCI Magazine #14 – “Resilient installation corner – linoleum seams”
FCI Magazine #15 – “Heat Welding Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring 1”
FCI Magazine #16 – “Resilient installation corner – sheet vinyls”
FCI Magazine #17 – “Rubber Flooring”
FCI Magazine #18 – Resilient Flooring Products”
FCI Magazine #19 – “Turbo Detail Nozzle Designed for Short Areas”

Features in Flooring News Today:


Flooring News Today #1 – “Electric Groover Comparison, Evolution”
Flooring News Today #2 – “Heat Welding Linoleum Tutorial”

Features in INSTALL:


INSTALL #1 – “Turbo Joins INSTALL”
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