Supreme Turbo Kit

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One of the best values when it comes to getting started with Turbo Heat Welding Tools. The Supreme Turbo Kit comes with a Turbo Groover.

The Supreme Turbo kit comes with the following tools:

Turbo Roller Guide for Leister Welder
Turbo Groover with one blade
Turbo Plane with 2 blades
Rubber Hand Groover with one blade
Turbo Cove Groover
Wire Brush Handle with one brush
Stainless Steel Trim Plate
Leister Triac S Welder with Pencil Tip
Quarter Moon Flat Knife
Coving Trimming Handle with 4 blades
Turbo Detail Nozzle 4/5mm (Standard Size)
Super Turbo Nozzle 4/5mm (Standard Size)
Tool Box

UniversalTurbo Nozzle 3,4,5 and 6mm