Cyber Monday Sale

As a thank you for all the support we got on Black Friday we are having a Cyber Monday Sale!

Save big on the tools you'll use all year around.

Chiquita - The Automatic Vinyl Heat Welding Tool

On Sale for $3900

Chiquita Automatic Heat Welder

The Chiquita allows you to heat weld long seams automatically with precision. Freeing you up to groove the next seam, shave the welding rod or just enjoy your coffee. Get one now before we raise prices in 2024!

Save $700 on The Chiquita

On Sale for $950

Master Turbo Groover

Our Master Turbo Groover is the ultimate tool for precision grooving. It grooves as fast as you can go, grooves from wall to wall and easily cuts circles and shapes evenly.

Save $750 on Master Turbo Groovers

On Sale for $1500

Turbo Marmo Groovers

Specially designed for marmoleum, linoleum, and all other sheet flooring materials, the Turbo Marmo Groovers come in a set of two and allow installers to cut in circles and curves. Like all of our groovers, it produces no dust, debris, noise or smoke compared to electric groovers.

Save $700 on Turbo Marmo Groovers

On Sale for $1200

Sports Turbo Groover

Optimized for the installation of sports flooring in gyms and arenas, the Sports Turbo Groover is the perfect tool to prepare sports floor flooring for a waterproof heat weld.

Save $300 on Sports Turbo Groovers

On Sale for $350

Universal Turbo Nozzle

Meet the perfect nozzle for heat welding. The patented Universal Turbo Nozzle heat welds by directing hot air precisely were the welding rod meets the groove. For a strong heat weld bond without scorching the flooring material.

Save $150 on Universal Turbo Nozzles

On Sale for $2200

Supreme Turbo Kit

Featuring the Turbo Groover, our Supreme Turbo Kit gives installers a complete set of Turbo tools to start heat welding like a pro. Best for heat welding safety flooring at an affordable price.

Save $300 on Supreme Turbo Kits

On Sale for $3300

Turbo Marmo Kit

Featuring a set of Turbo Marmo Groovers, the Turbo Marmo kit gives you everything you need to heat weld ALL flooring materials with top quality results.

Save $300 on Turbo Marmo Kits

On Sale for $2900

Master Turbo Kit

Featuring the Master Turbo Groover, this kit gives installers everything they need to heat weld jobs quickly and take on complicated jobs with ease.

Save $300 on Master Turbo Kits