Gerflor Partnership

Turbo Heat Welding Tools has always surrounded itself with those who take pride in their work and continuously improve to master their craft. These partnerships allow us to consistently be around the best and to stay connected to the industry. In August, we were thrilled to announce our partnership with elite installer Eric Coates. Today, we take another step. Turbo Heat Welding Tools is proud to officially announce that we're working alongside Gerflor Flooring to provide the best flooring and heat welding solutions to flooring installers around the world. Gerflor Heat Welding Over the years Gerflor has worked on some of the most recognizable events around the world. and has been trused with projects such as the 11th Annual African Games, FIBA EuroBasket 2015, and the FIVB World League Matches in Volleyball. Gerflor Volleyball Through their continued growth and consistently high quality, Gerflor is without a doubt a leader in commercial flooring. The list of accomplishments and products they offer is far too long to list. Read more on their website and see for yourself the kind of quality they bring to the table. Why we continue to innovate Due to excellent companies like Gerflor, the flooring industry continues to rapidly evolve and advance. Through years as professional flooring installers Leo and the Turbo team set themselves apart by understanding that the tools in the industry must advance along with the materials. It's the only way to continue to install effectively. We have established ourselves as one of the most innovative flooring tools companies around the world by continuously developing and improving on our flooring tools alongside flooring material manufacturers. For that reason Turbo is proud to align with Gerflor to work together to provide solutions and products on a higher standard. Gerflor Basketball Court Flooring Gerflor has expressed the same appreciation for these values by placing their trust in our products and our process. They recommend Turbo both out on the job sites and through their instructional literature. The partnership between Turbo and Gerflor is a continuous conversation. Gerflor mechanics go out into the field to discover problems and issues installers are facing. They report those issues to Turbo and we test out different tools and techniques to find a solution then report it back to the mechanics. This equips the mechanics with the most advance installation methods to pass along to installers on the job site. The Future As a result our tools become even better, Gerflor becomes more aware of what specific techniques work with their material, and the installer can see results they're happy with. Everyone wins. Turbo could not be happier to see this partnership come to life. This feedback has allowed Gerflor to create instructional material that will consistently bring great results. For a guide to requirements set by Gerflor check out their instructional material here. In the future, we'll be bringing you content on the best techniques and tools to use when heat welding Gerflor material. Stay tuned.  
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