Vinyl Flooring Tools For Every Scenario

Our tools give flooring installers the ability to groove and heat weld seams with superior ease-of-use and high manuverability. Our tool, the Chiquita, can even heat weld seams automatically.

Heat Guns and Roller Guides

Get a genuine Leister Heat Welding Gun with the signature Turbo Roller... 


Turbo Groovers are the best in the industry because they were designed... 

Nozzles and Tips

Floor Heat welding nozzles and tips for every sheet flooring material 

Turbo Heat Welding Tools' Lifetime Warranty

Any tools we offer come with a Lifetime Warranty and can be replaced or repaired at no cost to the original owner if it fails due to a manufacturing defect. Your Turbo Heat Welding Tools are garaunteed to last for years to come.

Heat Weld Custom Shapes Easily