Grooving Gerflor Sports Floor

Gerflor Sports floor is one of the most elegant and versatile materials available on the market. Offering options such as multi-sport, recreational, and specialized sport flooring - it's no surprise that Gerflor is the world leader in the category. However, to maintain a high level of durability and appearance that matches the quality of the flooring, ensuring the proper installation of the material is key. When heat welding Gerflor materials such as Taraflex, it's crucial to begin with a consistent and proper groove. Unfortunately, there are some unique challenges to installing this type of flooring. Difficulties Installing Sports Flooring The challenges in grooving sports flooring is that the consistency and quality of the weld is altered by the cushion backing and the texture of the material. If you're working with sports flooring - you're typically installing a large area. As an installer you don't want to be hand grooving this job. The fatigue (getting tired) can create inconsistency and poor quality grooves. In order to properly groove sports flooring, you're going to need a push groover that will give you the consistency and quality to do the job correctly. For sports flooring such as Taraflex you want to use the Sports Turbo Groover. The Sports Turbo Groover is designed to ride over the cushion backed material with pressure plates that will cut consistent grooves in the material regardless of the pressure being applied during the process. Normally the installer will struggle with grooving a consistent depth in sports flooring because the cushion backing will contour depending on the pressure being applied to the groover. Another challenge installers have with hand grooving Sports floors is the inconsistency with the angle of the blade since the area will be larger than normal  - you're often dealing with basketball courts, volleyball courts, or even larger stadiums. That inconsistent angle often results in poorly welded seams, cold spots or damaging the material. The Sports Turbo Groover is designed to allow the installer to set the desired depth of the blade for the material he is working on. Afterward the installer can securely groove the job knowing that the angle of the blade will remain stationary through the duration of the job. This allows the installer to groove at a faster pace than he could have by hand while maintaining the same high quality results throughout. Grooving Sports Floors Unlike vinyl and PVC flooring, when you are grooving a cushion backed sports floor you want to groove the seam all of the way down to the top of the foam. ** Keep in mind that you never want to groove into the foam.** When grooving you want to keep the width of the groove to 3.5 mm. The Sports Turbo Groover will automatically groove at the desired 3.5mm width. Sports Turbo Groover 1. Start by placing the Sports Turbo Groover over the seam. Lock the front guiding wheel into position. Then place both hands over the groover. 2. With your shoulders behind the groover, start pushing the groover forward. It is important to keep the groover flat so that the end of the blade and depth can remain consistent. 3. Once you are in motion simply continue pushing the groover forward until  you complete the seam. Because the angle and depth are set in place the installer can groove as fast as they can crawl without worry. If you're working with sports flooring, the Sports Turbo Groover is the tool for the job. It will outperformed the electric groover and the other pull/push groovers on the market we guarantee it! For more questions on how to groove or heat weld sports flooring please email us at or visit us at
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