INSTALL Midwest Training Seminar

This past week Turbo Heat Welding Tools gave an INSTALL 'Train The Trainers' seminar at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas, NV. The building itself was worth the trip to tour but the guys at the location were worth the stay. Everyone was incredibly nice and hospitable. We want to thank them for inviting us out and letting us teach their instructors how to teach floor heat welding with Turbo Tools. This seminar was important for both UBC and Turbo to keep the instructors up to date on the latest technology in floor heat welding, as well as to give them an insight in the direction the industry is headed in the next few years. As instructors who teach at the highest standard, it is important for them to instruct with the most advanced technology and tools available to ensure the best possible results. Some of the highlights of the show include:
  • Demonstrating our full line of products
  • Explaining how to easily and effectively weld on flash cove and toe kicks
  • Showing and explaining how it is possible to weld on heat sensitive material without ever scorching the ground
  • Explaining how Turbo Tools are designed to eliminate human error to produce high quality results every time
  • Giving the installers an insight into the future of floor heat welding through Turbo's vision as we continue to innovate and invent
We left the training seminar confident that the installers who attended are capable of welding at the highest level of quality with Turbo tools. We are excited to have them show their instructors the latest technology in heat welding to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. As Turbo Heat Welding continues to be the leader in floor heat welding technology, we look forward to working with INSTALL to continue raising the bar. INSTALL
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