Master Turbo Groover Video

Today we're going to be posting a couple videos that show off some of our products. Our videos won't always be like this but we really want you to see our products in action. This is a short clip showing off our Master Turbo Groover - check it out below.

- - Transcript: "The Master Turbo Groover is a revolutionary push groover for solid sheet flooring material. It grooves easily with a single push, regardless of the pressure being applied to it. To adjust the groover, simply place the groover on a flat surface, loosen the blade with the allen wrench included, push the blade down until it touches the ground, and tighten. The Master Turbo Groover carries patented technology that allows it to groove over bumps and uneven surfaces with the same high quality performance. The Master Turbo Groover's blade is adjusted at the perfect angle to consistently groove for the strongest weld possible from the beginning to the end of a job. Once the groover gains momentum, the back precision locking wheels snap into the groove, keeping the groover straight and on track. The blade located on the back of the groover allows the Master Turbo Groover to groove from wall to wall effortlessly. Adjusting the blade on the back is the same as in the front. Simply lay the blade on a flat surface and tighten with the allen wrench. By removing the back wheels and blade, the Master Turbo Groover is able to groove circles, shapes and serpentines quickly and with precision. The Master Turbo Groover does not require any electricity and does not make noise or produce any smoke. Making it the most advanced push groover on the market."
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