Precision Nozzle Video

As promised, in the coming days we're going to be posting a couple videos that show off some of our products. Our videos won't always be like this but we really want you to see our products in action. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible. This is a short clip showing off our Precision Nozzle - check it out below.

Transcript: "The Turbo Precision Nozzle will change the way you heat weld sheet flooring materials. After years of research and development, the Turbo Precision Nozzle was created with patented technology that allows the installer to heat weld without burning or scorching the material. That's right, by welding with the Turbo Precision Nozzle you can rest assured that you and your crew won't burn heat sensitive flooring materials anymore. The Precision Nozzle is designed with 14 preheating jets and an internal heat venting system that allows the Precision Nozzle to take in all of the hot air from the heat welding gun, and only shoot it where it needs to go. In the event that the welding gun lags, stops or that the installer needs to slide back the only signs of it will be seen inside the center of the groove, which are covered by the welding rod. The 14 pre­heating jets shoot hot air into the groove to preheat the material, and the internal heating vents prep the welding rod for a strong and durable weld. Welding with the Precision Nozzle allows the installer to weld faster and more effectively than with conventional speed tips. The Precision Nozzle also saves the installer money by avoiding repair jobs and cutting down the work time required to weld. The Precision Nozzle is used in combination with the Turbo Roller Guide for proper and precise welding. Never scorch the material again with the Turbo Precision Nozzle. The result is a high quality weld without the fear of burning or scorching the ground."
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