Road To Surfaces 2015

With Surfaces right around the corner, we are gearing up for another exciting show this year. For those of you who are new to Surfaces, you can check out their site for more info or you can read about our experience last year, it was a great time overall. We’re very excited to see the new vendors and manufacturers that are coming out to showcase their latest advancements on the showroom floor in Las Vegas. Just like every other year, Turbo will be unveiling new and exciting technology that will set us apart once again. There will be live hands-on demonstrations, Surfaces discounts, and our experts that can answer all your Turbo and flooring questions. We’re sure the installers are going to love it. [caption id="attachment_1743" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Surfaces 2014 Set Up Surfaces is the leading floor covering event in the U.S. This is a nice visual of our set up last year.[/caption] This year at Surfaces 2015 we’ll be introducing a couple of new tools. One of them is our new Turbo Carbonless Nozzle that can properly weld the new Armstrong Medintone flooring material with no residue and without scorching the floor. Medintone had been giving many installers around the world problems when welding due to it's high sensitivity and carbon residue. This advancement is key to welding Medintone to meet the manufacturer’s standards and produce the best results. No other nozzle on the market is able to weld Medintone as well as the Turbo Carbonless Nozzle. Turbo will also be showing off the new version of the Detail Nozzle with the ability to minimize carbon residue and to heat weld up Altro’s White Rock wall panelling products. Carbon residue has been a negative trend for installers recently and we wanted to remedy that with this tool. We’ll also be showing off a new version of the Chiquita that is now able to carry the welding rod spool as it welds automatically!  These are just some of the tools that you’ll be able to see live and in-person at Surfaces if you visit our booth. We can’t wait! The best part about being a Turbo customer is that when you come out to Surfaces and see the new technology we have created, you already have access to it for free. How? As part of our lifetime guarantee you can choose to upgrade your current tools to the latest version created FREE OF CHARGE. That’s our promise to you. Turbo is always working on improving and we want you to take advantage of that. As installers ourselves we know the frustration of buying a new tool and having it become outdated year after year. Surfaces is the best time to come out to see and use the newest technology we have invented and decide for yourself if you would like to make the upgrade for free. Most importantly, the Turbo team wants to wish everyone out there to have a safe and happy holidays! It’s December 11th and hopefully in the coming weeks, you get the chance to relax a bit. Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at New tools being showcased at Surfaces:
  • Turbo Carbonless Nozzle
  • Improved Detail Nozzle
  • Updated Chiquita
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