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Turbo Heat Welding Tools believes in the quality of their tools so much that we will gladly replace any Turbo Tool you may have that has broken or been destroyed. No questions asked. No other heat welding tool manufacturer can claim the same confidence in their products. Additionally, if you purchase a Turbo Tool and wish to upgrade to a newer version of the same tool, Turbo will send you the latest version of your tool free of charge. Just send us your current tool and proof of purchase. The professional installers at Turbo Heat Welding Tools know that installers...

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We're really excited because after so much hard work, we're finally launching our blog. Our primary goal for this blog is to create a flooring community. This isn't about promoting Turbo products, it's about answering your questions about flooring in general. We want to consistently write articles that answer your questions or address your concerns. We want this to be a place where you can stay up to date on the flooring industry and learn something new every time you check it out. With our launch comes a sampler of what is going to come for this blog's future. We've...

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