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Flash cove heat welding is among the hardest skills to master in floor heat welding. Without the right tools and practice, it can be tricky to pull off without errors. A solid foundation in flash coving can separate you from most flooring installers in your area. Knowing how to heat weld vinyl flash cove is necessary when heat welding on vinyl base, under toe kicks and cabinets. Heat welding flash coving can be a challenge at first but with some practice and the right tools it will become easier. For a comparison of how heat welding can greatly differ using...

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If you have tried heat welding new sheet flooring material like Medintone and had trouble caused by the excess carbon residue - you’re not alone. Turbo has been flooded with requests on how to heat weld Medintone from installers out on the field since the issue came up. After extensive testing, we found that techniques and tricks can only go so far to get a proper weld. The issues keep coming back around even with the best and most experienced heat welders. Something had to change.  We came to the conclusion that the best way to get a good consecutive weld would...

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You're about to start welding your sheet flooring material and you suddenly realize that there might be a difference between welding vinyl and linoleum flooring. Fortunately, this article will help you weld both materials effectively. To simplify this article let's start by grouping the materials into the two most common materials you will weld. Any vinyl, pvc, and similar flooring will be grouped into vinyl. Similarly lets group linoleum, marmoleum and any other similar organic material into linoleum. Vinyl sheet flooring is made of mostly synthetic materials. While linoleum is made of natural ingredients such as linseed and cork dust...

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