The fewest steps to the perfect weld with automatic heat welding

When you invest in an automatic heat welding gun you should expect it to be accurate and easy to operate. Our well designed automatic heat welding gun allows the installer to attach the correct nozzle for the material, preheat the gun and begin working. Any excessive or unnecessary set-up required by the installer puts the job at risk of human error. Every time an installer has to align, strap on, or calibrate any part of the “automatic machine” they increase the chance of messing up the heat welding. This means that the quality of the job is not consistent and is dependent on the skill of the person, not the machine. For that reason The Chiquita is built with the fewest set-up steps possible. It took years for us to design an automatic heat welding gun that can incorporate the best heat welding techniques into such few steps. Instead of just passing on the work to the installer through an inferior tool. Complete Chiquita Set The Chiquita is the most advanced automatic heat welding gun on the market. Bringing you the best heat welding results at any skill level.
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