The Ultimate Heat Welding Machine

The Chiquita is not a “jack of all trades.” It is the master of one, automatic heat welding. The Chiquita will not try to do everything with inferior quality. It is designed to perform one task with amazing results. There are plenty of tools on the market for heat welding, this is not just an excuse to sell you another one. Being the best automatic heat welding gun means that The Chiquita is the only automatic machine that can ride over objects, heat weld a joint together and prevent burning/scorching the material. Turbo Heat Welding Tools set their sights on creating the best automatic heat welding machine and after years of research and development they brought The Chiquita to market. Advanced design and patented engineering allows The Chiquita to be the smallest and lightest automatic heat welding gun on the market with the power to heat weld every flooring material to the manufacturer's specifications. Turbo Heat Welding tools spared no expense when designing The Chiquita. Our goal was not to bring a product to market as fast as possible. Our goal was to create the ultimate automatic heat welding machine, the Chiquita.
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