Turbo Partners With Forbo World Champion Installer, Eric Coates

The foundation to Turbo Heat Welding Tools is the passion and love for the craft. It’s what keeps us motivated to continue innovating and breaking ground in heat welding and the flooring industry. We never settle for just good or good enough. We continue to upgrade our heat welding tools year after year because the installers in our industry feel the same way. Their devotion to the craft and the standards they hold themselves to are unmatched. We invent solutions for you. We’re always trying to align ourselves with flooring professionals who embody the type of passion and excellence we described above. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with Eric Coates - a flooring professional who has been recognized globally for his work. In 1998, Forbo held a competition called “World Champion Linoleum Installation Contest” and the competitors included representation from over 30 countries. Battling through the regional, national, and international level - Coates approached every challenge with the same rigor, devotion, and intensity. This passion led him to take the competition by storm where he finished in First Place overall and was entered into the Forbo Champions Club - giving him the title of “World Champion Linoleum Installer.” Eric Coates, Flooring Installer, Global Coates represents the type of installer Turbo is proud to stand behind. As much confidence as we have in our tools, the installers are the ones out there on a daily basis who have to stand by their work. We want to provide you with the best tools for the job and recognize installers who perform at the highest level. Turbo is proud to recognize Eric Coates and welcomes him to the Turbo family. For more media and a sample of Eric's great work - see below: Turbo Partner, Eric Coates, Flooring Installer coates1 ResizedImage951393126522169 ResizedImage951393126476696 ResizedImage951393126478915 (1)
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