Turbo Partners with Gerflor

Gerflor Partnership On our visit to Gerflor USA in Illinois Turbo Heat Welding Tools met with the Gerflor technical representatives from around the world. Each one representing a seperate country with their own team of technicians for their territory. We met to discuss both the solutions Turbo Heat Welding Tools can provide as well as our future growth together. Not long after our arrival we demonstrated our heat welding solutions for their most popular materials including Taraflex. The reactions did not disappoint. Without letdown the international representatives were taken back at the quality of the results Turbo Heat Welding Tools had on their materials, especially for the ones who had never seen a demonstration in person. To the representatives, A close second to the quality, was the simplicity of use. Turbo tools are designed with the intention to give the installer the ability to heat weld at the highest level with ease. Contrary to other solutions on the market that sell their tools immediately followed by a training course on how to use their product. From a management perspective the value of preventing costly damages and repair jobs on noteworthy jobs is worth the investment in the proper tools from the beginning. When your money and name are on the line it pays to eliminate the risk of ruining a job. Which is exactly what Turbo Tools do. We are beyond happy with the results of our meeting with Gerflor at their Gerflor USA headquarters and we look forward to developing new solutions through our partnership together.
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