Turbo Plane Video

Hey, we're here to post another video showing off one of our tools. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible. This is a short clip showing off our Turbo Plane - check it out below. This video really demonstrates how our products can save you time as an installer!

Transcript: "The Turbo Plane was created with the installer in mind. The traditional way of skiving is done in two passes with a quarter moon knife. By combining both passes in a single tool, the Turbo Plane allows the installer to cut their work time in half. The Turbo Plane has two blades that cut the welding rod at once. The front blade is stationary at the same angle as a trim plate. The back blade is adjusted using the knob on top of the plane. This allows the installer to adjust the blade to their exact specifications. Once the blade has been adjusted it holds the angle of the blade for the entire job. When the welding rod has completely cooled off, simply push the Turbo Plane over it for a smooth and clean finish. Skiving with the Turbo Plane will save you time and money with exceptional results."    
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