Affiliate Program

Through years of providing the flooring industry with the most advanced floor welding technology we have built up a following of flooring installers who prefer Turbo Heat Welding Tools to any others on the market. These flooring professionals have always promoted our brand to their fellow co-workers and friends. We have always appreciated the support we have received which is why Turbo has decided to reward our loyal followers through our affiliate program. How It Works By signing up as a Turbo Heat Welding affiliate (for free) you get a commission of any orders you send our way. So if you tell your friends and co-workers to purchase Turbo Tools and they mention that you referred them to us we will pay you 10% of their total order value (excluding shipping and taxes). It's that simple. Step By Step: 1. Sign up below. You will be sent a confirmation email that will make you part of our Affiliate Program List. If you refer someone and you're not part of our list, we won't know who to send the money to. 2. Refer. Refer installers to Turbo and have them mention your full name (first and last) while they make their purchase. If they purchase online, there is an optional question at the end of checkout. If they order by phone, they can simply provide your name while on the phone with our representative. We need to verify that you're part of the program AND verify that you referred that customer before the order. This step is very important. 3. Claim your reward. You're going to receive an email that you must respond to. This email will provide you with the amount you're being rewarded (10% of order value) and will give you the option to claim it in store credit for future orders or we can mail you a check. If you choose store credit, simply send an email before your online order or let our representative know by phone if that's your method of ordering. If you choose to receive a check, simply confirm your mailing address when you respond to us and Turbo will send you that check as soon as possible. Commission will only be awarded on the new referred customer's first order. Turbo Heat Welding Tools also reserves the right to update and change terms and conditions that pertain to the Affiliate Program at their discretion. The affiliate program cannot be combined with any other discounts. That's it. Sign up. Refer. Claim your reward! No stress, no hassle. This affiliate program is targeted to the thousands of installers actively promoting and recommending Turbo Tools to other installers. We are excited to work with you and reward you as a sign of our appreciation for your continued support. If you would like to sign up as an affiliate please fill out the form below and we will email you as soon as you are registered in our database. Thank you, Turbo Heat Welding Tools Team