Turbo Tools Giveaway, Results and More

Precision Nozzle On May 4th, Turbo Heat Welding Tools decided to partner with Heat Welding Pro and The Floor Pro Forum in an attempt to reach out to installers. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, The Floor Pro is a forum full of professional flooring installers and people connected with the flooring industry. Tools, tips, installation stories, business advice, etc. - everything related to flooring is discussed on this forum. We wanted to connect with that type of atmosphere and involve Turbo in the discussions. We decided to do this through one of our partner companies, Heat Welding Pro, and allowed them to set up a contest and giveaway. The difficult part was deciding what type of contest to run that would be fair to everyone, be positive for the community and most importantly, fun. In the end, the giveaway allowed people to enter by posting pictures of their previous heat welding work. We thought the pictures would let everyone show off their work and to let it be talked about. In order to eliminate any potential bickering or negativity, we decided to not make this a competition. The pictures got you in the contest but after that, the winner was chosen randomly. Turbo wanted this to be a positive experience - not something where the judges were called into question or work was being criticized instead of praised. The prize ended up being a free Precision Nozzle and Roller Guide. Over $500 value for both items. You can check out some videos of the products here and see why the forum got so excited about it. Turbo Precision Nozzle Video. We ended up getting a good amount of entries. We gathered all the viable entries and uploaded them to our website. Feel free to check them out here at HWP or read through the thread and see how the discussion went. [caption id="attachment_967" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Roller Guide - one half of the prize for the contest Roller Guide - one half of the prize for the contest[/caption] After a couple weeks (about 20 days or so), we announced that the winner was forum user “Adroit” - a commercial flooring installer and owner of a flooring installation company in Western Pennsylvania. He seemed pretty thrilled about the whole thing - here are some quotes about his thoughts on the process. "Thanks I'm surprised. I was looking at buying a turbo nozzle too. I'm excited." "The roller guide is going to take some getting use to. I only had 70 feet if weld to use everything on. I was very excited to win doesn't happen very often to me. I do have a Master Turbo Groover I used to route out my seams I love that tool. Thanks again for the wonderful pieces of equipment." Good stuff - we really hope it helps him out in future jobs. It does take some practice to get the handle of it and figure out how to use the tool properly. The last thing I want to talk about during this contest experience is the owner of The Floor Pro - Jim McClain. Throughout the process, Jim was extremely helpful. Staying on top of things, helping us formulate the rules, moderating the discussions, relaying the contest to his friends, and generally just helping out. Jim was really good to the team while we worked together to create the contest and while we ran the giveaway. I just wanted to give him a mention. Make sure to check out The Floor Pro to see the awesome community he's created. That's about all there is to talk about regarding the contest. We hope to do something again like it one day. Once again, here are the entries and the tool given away free of charge. Precision Nozzle  
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