Turbo History
In 1995, Turbo Heat Welding Tools started with a group of flooring installers who were fed up with the welding tools on the market. The tools were time consuming, difficult to use, and left too much room for human error. Time is everything in the floor installing business. This problem needed to be solved. After working years as a flooring installer, Leo Martinez decided to make a change. Marmo Groovers
What was that change? Leo started to create and design his own welding tools. These designs were made to solve the issues that the current welding machines and accessories on the market weren't solving. Fortunately, they grabbed the attention of the big players in the flooring industry. Leo began to produce those same tools for some of the biggest flooring tool companies in the U.S. If you're interested in testimonials or customer reviews on Turbo Heat Welding Tools, click here for Turbo Testimonials! Since its launch, Turbo and Leo Martinez have been fortunate enough to be featured in the media and around the net. If you're interested in seeing media features on Turbo, check out our Turbo In The Media page.
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Turbo Mission
Fast forward 19 years later and Turbo Heat Welding Tools continues to design and produce high quality tools with the flooring installer in mind. Remembering the challenges that installers have on the job, Turbo creates tools that: 1. Eliminates human error as much as possible - helping rid of repair jobs 2. Speeds up your installation job - allowing you to work more efficiently 3. Helps you weld effortlessly without the worry of fatigue - making your flooring installation experience easier Turbo Tools have been awarded patents around the world for their new and innovative designs. Our mission is to get rid of the challenges that flooring installers face on a daily basis through high quality and innovative welding tools. In order to calm your worry of multiple purchases or broken equipment, Turbo created the first and only lifetime warranty in the flooring industry. The warranty allows the installer to replace or upgrade their tools for any reason for free! We want to make sure that our customers always have the most advanced and up to date welding tools available without hassle. Our commitment to fellow floor installers and customers is one that lasts a lifetime!
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