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When you invest in an automatic heat welding gun you should expect it to be accurate and easy to operate. Our well designed automatic heat welding gun allows the installer to attach the correct nozzle for the material, preheat the gun and begin working. Any excessive or unnecessary set-up required by the installer puts the job at risk of human error. Every time an installer has to align, strap on, or calibrate any part of the “automatic machine” they increase the chance of messing up the heat welding. This means that the quality of the job is not consistent and...

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The Chiquita is not a “jack of all trades.” It is the master of one, automatic heat welding. The Chiquita will not try to do everything with inferior quality. It is designed to perform one task with amazing results. There are plenty of tools on the market for heat welding, this is not just an excuse to sell you another one. Being the best automatic heat welding gun means that The Chiquita is the only automatic machine that can ride over objects, heat weld a joint together and prevent burning/scorching the material. Turbo Heat Welding Tools set their sights on...

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If you have tried heat welding new sheet flooring material like Medintone and had trouble caused by the excess carbon residue - you’re not alone. Turbo has been flooded with requests on how to heat weld Medintone from installers out on the field since the issue came up. After extensive testing, we found that techniques and tricks can only go so far to get a proper weld. The issues keep coming back around even with the best and most experienced heat welders. Something had to change.  We came to the conclusion that the best way to get a good consecutive weld would...

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